Revisiting Anish Kapoor

Repost MCA April 2013

· Exhibition news
I was lucky enough to see this exhibition recently that presented a range of Kapoor's work, including a major public work called Sky Mirror.

I don't know where to start...his materials- concrete/mirrors/ sandstone/steel, his colour choice- pigments so rich, the actual forms that appear to have no boundaries.. or this amazing use of space and voids.

'My Red Homeland' uses 25 tons of paraffin red wax and an enormous steel blade cuts through the wax tracing a circumference of the structure that is 12m in diameter. You are first impressed with the size, colour and then realise the rotation of the blade is cutting through the wax and reshaping it each time. Maybe its my obsession with wax or the strong colour - very organic and blood like.... this piece is so impressive.

But then we were carefully lead through to view another 12 pieces, each showing how he so skillfully transforms materials, that were for me quite emotional.

The photos below only give you a brief sense of the experience.
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