Learning the art of basketry

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Please refer to my Creative Catalyst blog if you're interested in how we can learn and refine our skills through deliberate practice.

I was very fortunate to attend a 2 day workshop by Catriona Pollard, an accomplished basketry artist and teacher.


I was interested in learning foundational weaving techniques and was attracted to the way she uses many of the same materials I’ve utilised in my sculptures like branches, seedpods and leaves to create organic shapes and forms.


We learnt both random weaving with both soft and hard fibres as well as twining to create patterns, shapes and baskets.


While I’m just starting out, I’ve already noticed through my practice over the past 2 weeks, the flow and the truly meditative place these forms of craft take me.


I love being in this new space, but not feeling too overwhelmed as I often forget the art practice skills I already have that immediately enable me to get into the method.


I’m sure this will lead to more sculpture, exploring organic and fluid forms using fibres, natural materials and connecting further into my happy place of the natural world.

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A random weave using palm stems and a hard cane

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A random weave using the leaves of the Lomandra plant, a soft fibre

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A looping weave by me

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My first looping weave, crafted around a jar

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A wire weave by Catriona