• The Paper Pulp Project:

    Soundless bells made from waste paper


    The Charcoal Series


    The Blue Series


    Project Reclaim


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    Turning this...

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    into this...

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    and this.

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    Project Reclaim:

    a focus on reusing waste paper

    Project Reclaim seeks to explore what happens at the intersection of sustainabililty, reuse and the creative arts. The series I'm currently working on uses paper as the main material, printed paper and newspaper. I've spent this first phase understanding how the pulp paper can be transformed and particularly with the use of molds, how it absorbs colour, its textures and its drying process. The outcome I'm after is to create sustainable home objects.

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    Exploring Weaving

    Continuing to explore the various ways that I can integrate the basketry methods into my Project Reclaim practice. Using a jute thread and the curves of a branch, the following was forming. I quite like the shadows the weave creates.


    Learning the Art of Basketry, 2023

    After attending a great workshop learning the fundamentals of basketry, I'm now practicing these skills and exxploring the various ways to translate these principles into my art practice.




    Solar Long Frond Palm Lamps, 2022

    Grouping three long frond solar pieces together, all have LED lighting and can be powered by compact portable solar PVs.

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  • Outdoor Curved Sculpture, 2020

    With all the disruptions experienced over 2020, you may like me, still be trying to create while our studios are closed due to Covid. Amongst all this chaos a few pieces managed to be made...this one in the last weeks of December.

    A combination of almost symmetrically curved palm fronds on a base made from a remnant piece of Ash wood. It sits over a metre tall and 35 cm wide.

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    Solar Shines at Night

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    Solar Palm Frond Lamp

    This piece has been a labourof love. I was determined to find a suitable renewable energy source to power this lamp and (through a link at CSIRO) I found Infinity PV who sell PVpieces and in this case supplied the 1 meter PV strip, LED light and small battery. This is a functional lamp with a warm LED light on a recycled elm wood base, with the main feature the superb lines of the palm frond. A one off piece ... but luckily I've found more fronds and will be experimenting soon on how to utilise their amazing shapes with solar lighting.

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    Wooden Plant Holders

    Plant holder made from remnant pieces of Silky Oak. Steamed and bent to shape with a template mould. The dimensions of the half moon piece are 35cm wide and 22cm high (without cord).

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    From Nature 2018, Gasworks Art Park

    Port Melbourne

    I almost wish we were butterflies" piece is on show at Gasworks from November 2018 until January 2019. It's had a new life and has been repurposed utilising the cocoons made previously as part of a Gasworks exhibition and combined with a series of lace lanterns. Great to see this have another life as part of the From Nature 2018 Exhibition. #fromnature18

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    New Product line now available

    Made from remnant designer fabric , these plant covers are more flexible with adjustable side Velcro.

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    From Nature 2017, Gasworks Art Park,

    Port Melbourne

    At this time of focus on difference and inequity, " A small gesture in support of love" is my statement in support of
    colour, diversity and love. #YESSameSexMarriage

    Beautiful Darkness, CERES Brunswick 2017

    The winter solstice (21 June) marks the shortest day and longestnight of the year, when the sun is at its lowest arc in the sky. With this cold long night also comes the strong symbolism with a time of spiritual reconnection and ritual.

    And so was the case with CERES’ Beautiful Darkness and their magical celebratory solstice event, highlighting a time of renewal and gratitude for the coming light.

    Project Reclaim embraced the darkness with an exhibition of lace lanterns lit with LEDs, solar powered LED lanterns and cocoons lit up internally with LEDs.

    Amongst the outdoor bonfire, mulled wine and music, Project Reclaim chased away the darkness to enable visitors to bask in the warm glow of the fire to welcome a new beginning.

    “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” … so let their be light.

    From Nature 2016, Gasworks Port Melbourne

    This year's 2016 Gasworks exhibition had a few more challenges - to create a piece that would last almost two weeks in Melbourne's Spring with its unpredictable rainy weather. Utilising branches, wood and repurposed fabric, this year's piece of cocoons and lanterns was inspired by John Keats and his letters to Fanny Brawne in 1819. These pieces will shine through dusk with the addition of solar powered LED lights.

    "I almost wish we werebutterflies and liv’ed but three summer days-
    Three such days with youI could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain" J Keats

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    Interview with Creative Room 4 Talk

    A thoroughly enjoyable interview with Zorana Vukamanovic,editor from the international arts magazine, Creativeroom4talk. Read interview HERE, Commences on page 350

    Organic Sculpture Exhibition, Gasworks Port Melbourne April 2015

    These artworks predominately use the intrinsic properties of the Albert Park Lake Palms to create varied sculptural forms. ‘Fill the Void’ extenuates the inherent adaptive and flexible nature of trees, while the tipi shaped ‘Nests’ provide a safe home for discarded seedpods.

    Combining rarely used materials of remnant fabric with natural fallen tree branches and empty seedpods that would otherwise be discarded, the pieces provide a more subtle environmental message about reuse and nurture.

    Slumber, Toyota Spirit Community Gallery

    A piece from the Hoodie series, called Slumber, on exhibit at Toyota Spirit Community Gallery, Nov 2014- March 2015.

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    My Space exhibited at D11@Docklands

    'My Space' exhibited at D11@Docklands,group exhibition. 27 July- 17 August.
    D11@Docklands is located on the east side ofthe Waterfront City Piazza, just near Harbour Town. Accessible via the 86 tram. Just get off at stop D11. We are also jut a few doors down from Renew Docklands
    Community Arts.

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    Ponder The Hoodie, Solo Exhibtion, at St Kilda Gallery, 2014

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    Project Reclaim exhibited at St Kilda Gallery

    August 2014

    Solo exhibition at St Kilda Town Hall Gallery on over August 2014. A chance to create a space to exhibit a mix of items with lanterns, centrepieces and sculptures.

    Secret Garden exhibited at Melbourne World Trade Centre July 2014

    Very honoured to be asked to exhibit as part of the WTC and Mars Gallery 25 Artists @ WTC show again this year. Many great works on show and Secret Garden gets its first public showing. Exhibition on until mid August 2014.



    Piece made from antique doilies and 1970's wedding dresslace, tree branches, seed pods, brown wax, brass base, 40 LED lights AA battery operated and 2 round LED lights. Dimensions: 110cm H X 100cm W x 30cm D.

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    Project Reclaim opening at Upper West Side store

    Project Reclaim profiled at Upper West Side Melbourne July 2014

    Lights on | Lights Off is a pop up gallery showcasing Melbourne's best artists, coming to life in retail spaces at Upper West Side. Project Reclaim chosen as one of the participating installations over July. Exhibition captured in this 2 min video vimeo.com/102782534

    Secret Forest featured in Light Home Online Magazine

    Magazine May Feature: Light up the past

    "In one of the most unique décor pieces we’ve seen in a while, the
    beautiful Secret Forest organic sculpture and light installation from Project Reclaim takes recycled materials to the next level. The base is made of fallen tree branches from a park close to the artist’s home. The fabric is made of a mixture of antique doilies and 1970’s wedding dress lace and the lights are battery operated so that it can be placed anywhere. This fascinating sculpture is sure to turn heads with its lovely presence wherever
    it is placed". www.lighthome.com.au/green-living-blog/trash-to-treasure

    Crystal Palace, Jindivick Exhibition, May 2014

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    ‘Crystal Palace' sitting in the front window of generalstore at Jindivick exhibition. Materials: antique doilies and remnant
    fabric, tree branches, white wax, 40 LED lights AA battery operated.

    Lorne Sculpture Biennale, March 2014

    The Tea Tree Forest Sculpturscape Weekend Creation

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    Hoody Returns, 2014

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    Brunswick Arts Space, Febuary 2014

    Lorne Sculpture Biennale

    Planning Starts:

    To be held in March 2014, the artists have been announced and I'm very honoured to be part of this diverse sculpture event. I'm playing with the concept of Reclaim in the Park, using the natural shape of fallen tree branches, with their sensuous curves, contrasted with the human crafted form through reworked antique and remnant crocheted pieces as part of the Sculpturescape works. I've recently experimented with replicating these pieces in Albert Park Lake and looking to extend this at the Lorne Sculpture Biennale.

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    White Lace finds a new home

    White Lace recently sold and now sits proudly in the foyer of Dr Notes, Bourke St, Melbourne. Standing 160cm tall and made from antique doilies and tree branches, coated in a protective wax, she will welcome visitors from March 2014.

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    Centrepiece auctioned to ... love our planet

    Garden Party, a piece made from bark and lace doilies, was donated to the Cool Australia, Love Your Planet lunch, Feb 2014. All funds going towards continuing their amazing education programs.

    Crystal Palace on Exhibit at GAIA , St Kilda Festival Feb 2014

    This Project Reclaim piece called Crystal Palace, is madefrom antique doilies and remnant fabric, tree branches, wax and efficient 40 LED lights.

    GAIA Art Exhibition Bather's Pavilion in St Kilda until 6 March 2014. Inspiring concern & healing for planet earth & all life raising awareness within the wider community.

    The Secret exhibited at World Trade Centre, Melbourne, 2013

    "The Secret" exhibited at World Trade Centregallery, as part of the MARS Art Rooms, 25 artists@WTC, group exhibit 5 August- 30 Sept. News piece from the opening featuring the piece: WTC Wharf

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    Project Reclaim on Exhibit at Fed Square- Fair Square Melb Nov 2013

    Project Reclaim pieces , called the Garden Party and variousvases, all on exhibit as part of Fair Square ethical and fair trade festival. Pieces were then donated to raise funds.

    Project Reclaim Creates Window Sculpture

    Window display to celebrate Christmas, filled with remnantlace, white doves and subtle illumination. Located at Bay St Port Melbourne from October2013- January 2014.

    Bah Humbug, D11@Docklands Melbourne

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    New piece, untitled, at Bah Humbug, D11@Docklands Melbourne until January 2014.

    D11@Docklands is an artist led initiative that supports an interdisciplinary approach to contemporary art practice.

    White Lace exhibited at Toyota Community Spirit Gallery October 2013

    White Lace utilises the natural shape of a fallen tree branch contrasted with the human crafted form through reworked antique crocheted pieces. The openwork crochet technique allows what's underlying to show through in an honest transparent form. The geometric patterns and symmetry of the crochets reinforce patterns found in the natural environment. Exhibited until March 2014.

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    Project Reclaim featured in Recycled Interiors Sept 2013

    Lovely feature in Recycled Interiors… "gorgeous upcycled glass vase trimmed with vintage lace from Project Reclaim"


    Natural Symmetry exhibited at Liveable and Sustainable

    Exhibited 29 July - 4 August 2013 at Atrium Gallery Federation Square Melbourne

    White Lace exhibited at Connect Art and Sustainability

    Exhibited from 29 May- 26 June 2013 at The Gallery St Kilda Town Hall

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    Jindivik Exhibition, May 2013


    My Space' sitting in the front window of general store at Jindivick exhibition and wins best use of non-traditional materials.

    Lighthouse Art Auction 2011

    In 2011, I donated a piece of art to the Lighthouse Auction.The overall event helped to raise more than $50,000 for the Lighthouse Foundation who aim to end youth homelessness in Australia. The piece ended up winning the Communications Council's Youngblood's award and was auctioned raising $1800 for the cause. The piece was the first in a series to be known as Ponder the Hoody and inspired me to refine the technique much further.

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