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    Reclaim Close Up



  • Reclaim Start Up

    In 2013 I commenced a small start up called Reclaim and Create” that aimed to communicate and empower us to take responsibility, create a place for transformation and change the way we live to define and create resilient and vibrant communities.

    Part of the motivation has been driven from many years working on sustainability issues and combining this with my passion for the creative arts.

    The ‘Reclaim’ series seeks to use everyday and found objects to create a new aesthetic form. The pieces also honor a remnant of women’s traditional craft.

    These pieces use neglected and discarded materials, where I can exploit their uniqueness and make works from ordinary objects to create intimate sculptures.

    The pieces utilise the natural shape of fallen tree branches, with their sensuous curves, contrasted with the human crafted form through reworked antique crocheted pieces. Using the shape of the tree branches also accentuates their line and form.

    The openwork crochet technique allows what's underlying to show through in an honest transparent form. The geometric patterns and symmetry of the crochets reinforce patterns found in the natural environment.

    The addition of lighting transforms through illumination giving yet another way of viewing the pieces.

    These pieces were created from 2013- 2015.