• Lorne Sculpture Biennale

    Public Installation

    March 2014


    Sculpturscape provides artists the opportunity to create a site-specific work over two days on a weekend.

    Artists could " propose sites, which incorporate sand, water, rocks, trees and lawn areas along the trail. Artists could bring in pre made objects and components or work with the natural materials within the environment. Proposals could also include night-time projections, soundscapes, happenings and performance based events".

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  • I translate the 'brief' into a poem....


    The tea tree forest provides shade, habitat and food for a diversity of insects, birds, and animals, within the coastal zone.

    The trees snuggle, keeping us safe, dry and protected.

    The branches are intricate with a woven canopy, a haven during harsh coastal storms.

    The odour of the forest is fresh, clean and medicinal.

    The woven canopy is a lace tapestry, sprinkling in the sunlight.


    The tea tree forest hides dark secrets. Even the moon fears this forest at night.

    The trees intertwine and trap, so nothing can escape.

    The branches grab and entangle. They envelop and pierce, for no other reason than they can.

    The odour of the forest is damp, dark and musty.

    The darkness is deep and impenetrable.