• Slumber

    Slumber depicts an isolated motionless figure wrapped in a blanket. The blanket provides a secure cocoon to protect the figure. The piece can be interpreted by its position and the context we place on this base on our conditioning. Is it a figure concealing itself or just rugged up to stay warm? Is it peaceful or eternal sleep?

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    Ponder the Hoody


    2010- 2012

  • The hoody idea came from a continuing series that challenges how our contemporary values and perceptions are communicated through non-verbal expression. I’ve produced 4 art pieces all exhibited at the Victorian College of the Arts (2010-12).

    Each time the hoody theme was the central component. I found that this simple piece of clothing worn by millions has become a confusing, provocative and powerful symbol. A wardrobe staple for many across society, a garment used for warmth and comfort, has also come to colour peoples’ perceptions about the individual or associated group.

    While for some the humble hoody is a lightening rod for anger and moral outrage, these works aim to create a new narrative that challenges the profiling of people based on what they wear and, by extension, their class, colour and other classifications society chooses to impose.

    The series to date has included the anonymous ‘Hoody’ which was deliberately ambiguous in its title, but still appeared to evoke unintentional negative emotions.

    The next piece, ‘My Tribe’, reflected current issues relating to gang subculture, protection and the uneasy interaction this presents through the sterotyping and division from the community.

    'The Secret' is a small story of people and their inter- relationships through playful and child like expression. It aims to explore the silent connection between the individual figures with their unique personalities. It’s anti confrontational poses can still be viewed as confrontational depending on the filter we choose to use.

    The first and original Hoody (not shown) was auctioned and sold at a charity event for the Lighthouse Foundation in 2011.

    My Tribe was selected, exhibited and sold at the Toyota Community Spirit Gallery, Emerging Artist Exhibition 2012.

    Photos by Michael Fromholtz.