• Make Light Not War


    The Make Light Not War Project creates pieces that aim to challenge the perpetuating myths surrounding the scaling up and integration of renewable energy technology into our energy mix. Given the clear science on climate change, we must find alternatives that provide safe reliable and sustainable energy. This project aims to connect people through the sculptural pieces to the hope and optimism that this technology provides.


    Over my time as an artist and environmental advocate, I’ve seen the maturing of the environmental debate with a growing awareness that sustainability can be the key driver for innovation through emerging technology. My practice has expanded to incorporate solar powered sustainable sculptures that display the energy that’s available daily to power our society. This has resulted in the creation of bespoke public art pieces that draw attention to the viability of renewable energy.

    Over the past 2 years I've been creating solar powered sculptures that utilise energy that's available daily. I've been experimenting with various solar technologies from affordable PV cells to a new generation of more robust thin film cells.

    To be true to the Project Reclaim objective I'm using wood materials that would have been discarded and gone into the waste stream. I'm also constantly on the lookout for palm fronds that drop from gardens or public spaces after a storm.


    The key objective to this series is to create beautifully crafted pieces by honoring the palm frond's natural shape and curve.

    Long Palm Frond

    The whole piece stands 120 cm tall on a reclaimed remnant piece of Tasmanian oak retrieved from a fire wood pile. (30 cm X 14 cm). The palm frond is 90 cm tall. The solar cell is an efficient source of energy. The light is an LED light with a USB connection allowing it to be charged directly the the power cord connected to the cell, either visible or not depending on how the piece is displayed.

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  • Curved Branch with Solar Lights

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    A curving branch with the specific placement of solar litbulbs that lets off a warm glow enough to light up its surrounds. The branch is 160 cm tall and the width is 40 cm. Sits on a sturdy metal base. This is an indoor/outdoor piece that requires sunlight and some protection from the rain, so its ideal for a protected courtyard or under a pergola. Alternatively if the piece is for an indoor location, the solar bulbs can be removed from the branch, left in the sun to absorb solar energy and easily reattached to branch.

    Lamps combining organic materials with handmade paper and LED lighting

    These bedside or table lamps aim for an organic and energyefficient approach to lighting. A palm frond acts as the container to hold an
    LED light reflected by handmade paper. Using abaca (hairy) paper, efficient LED lighting, wicker and a palm frond case. Dimensions 16cm wide base and 75 cm high.

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