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    Project Reclaim: Organic Sculpture aims to bring a distinctive look to your store, special event or home.

    Each piece is unique and individually hand crafted.

  • Commissions:

    The pieces are made from local organic materials and antique remnant fabrics, coated to provide durability and protection.
    Pieces in the collection are suitable as:
    · Centerpieces to spice up table settings for those special events
    · Luminous display items for shop windows, or
    · Home decor sculptural pieces to enhance your living space.

    The wide variety of artwork is also available for hire to brighten up any event.

    The subtle lighting is provided by LED lights, battery operated to avoid distractive power cords. They are designed to last an entire evening to ensure your special event remains luminous.


    New pieces are frequently added to my gallery collection and I'm happy to explore ideas that meet your needs.


    Please note as each item is individually crafted, production and delivery can take time, particularly if large quantities are required.

    Prices will be negotiated based on whether a piece is available or if a new piece is to be commissioned, the quantity required and the timeline for delivery. Prices quoted at RRP.

    A part payment of 50% (inc GST) is requested upon confirmation of order. Prices do not include packaging and delivery.

    Care and cleaning :
    The Project Reclaim pieces all have a wax coating and should be treated with care.
    Vases: To clean the vases use a dry cloth. Do not use any heat or hot water on the product. Do not place near a heat source eg. heater, hot lamp or window with direct sun.


    If you have any questions just get in touch via the Homepage contact form.

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    Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty

    A random act of kindness is a selfless act performed by a person or people wishing to either assist or cheer up people with no other motive.


    The phrase may have been coined by Anne Herbert, who says that she wrote "Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty" on a place mat at a restaurant in 1983. From Wikipedia

    Either spontaneous or planned, random acts of kindness are encouraged by the creator of Project Reclaim. Maria donates pieces of art to non profit and charity fund raising events. For more information make contact via the Homepage contact form.

    Past donated pieces have gone to the following fundraisers:
    Shine Cambodia Fundraisers
    Cool Melbourne Love Your Planet Event
    Moral Fairground Weekend Festival
    ChildWise Fundraiser
    Trocadero Artspace Charity Auction

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    Do you have a piece of fabric that holds special memories?

    ... maybe a piece of your wedding dress, or a tablecloth your grandma or nonna left you, or a special embroidery you just don't want to throw away.

    In many cases, if the fabric is still in reasonable condition, can be repurposed into a vase or centrepiece that can be on display and a reminder of past times.

    I use an unique technique to coat and protect the fabric, this allows it to be attached to glass or wood and turned into a work of art.

    Check out my artwork gallery for ideas. Project Reclaim pieces have come from remnant materials including a wedding dress, embroidered hankies and tablecloths, doilies and even old lace curtains.

    They are given a second life through Project Reclaim. This provides a special and personal reminder of people, places and events that make up our lives.

    Don't throw it out... reclaim it.