What did

The House of Eternal Return

teach me?

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How to describe The House of Eternal Return.... part mystery house, part art installation and part choose your own adventure. The story telling unfolds with a premise about a family that enables us to imagine what may have happened with a hint of a dystopian future. A dark LED lit house full of rooms that eventually intertwine. A unique and immersive experience that enables participants to touch, listen, crawl through and commit to the art.

For me its at the heart of the 'creative catalyst' research and my writing, as it blends and blurs art and science in creative ways that engage and ask us to question. It amplifies cross disciplinary by connecting digital , video, technology, sculpture to create this unique story with no beginning, end or answers other than those created by the participants in their imaginations.
While there I observed children enjoying the illusion and art that enabled them to play, while the adults engaged by asking "what the hell is going on?"
I also respect the back story and entrepreneurship of the founders and artists involved in this creation. Over 100 artists working across different mediums in an abandoned bowling alley to create a strong and cohesive narrative through time, space, and alternative realities.
In the end for me , it was just alot of fun, changing the way I interact with art in a public space

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