The end of another anniversary

My small story on September 11 and power of art to heal

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This is a story I've reposted from my blog The Creative Catalyst. It's a profound piece for me so I thought it was useful to share here.

Some 20 years ago I was on a Churchill Fellowship and found myself in New York, next to the Twin Towers. It was to be a one week break, to immerse myself in art, the metro vibe, catch up with friends and chill out before next stage of the trip.

It ended up being one of those life changing moments, that I reflect on often and wonder why me… why now?

After a slow burn, while I’m not happy I was there, of all the places to be, I’ve become grateful for the experience.

I saw the best and worst in people and in myself. I made significant decisions on my return to Australia, about priorities, what’s important and how I would spend my time on this earth. Without being too instagram glib… #What a gift.

And art played a great role to help me come to terms with the randomness of the whole time.

I undertook post grad in visual arts and returned to the image that I purchased from a street photographer a few days before the event. I ended up playing with the image and the version below, ironically water damaged since it was created many years ago.

‘They’ say art heals, well it has certainly had a profound effect on me. To return to a childhood passion. In many ways this has led me here today, facilitating and writing about the power of creativity. Yes indeed 20 years on … What a gift.

I’m still in awe of the bravery I witnessed, how good and compassionate we can be. For those in pain today, revisiting that warm Autumn Tuesday morning, be kind to yourself and acknowledge your own strength and resilience.

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