Can we use plastic waste as a raw material for art?

Another experimental approach to achieve the Project Reclaim mission

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In the never ending ambition to re-frame waste products as raw materials for another life, rather than going to landfill, an experiment using plastic bags in my beginners weaving phase.
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The process involved cutting the plastic bags into long stripes about 5 mm wide and using these as the weaving strands, while still using jute as the longer stake thread.

It consumed 8 bread bags, 2 green veggie bags and 1 rubbish bin bag and it was constructed around a wine bottle.

While aesthetically it looks a bit exotic I suppose (!), it does serve a functional purpose with the plastic adding an insulating barrier and keeping water cooler.

To be frank I'm not convinced of the outcome but the piece did do what it set out to...explore different materials, reduce a small amount of loose film plastic going into the landfill stream and continue the Project Reclaim mission.

The experiment continues....

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